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Mar 29, 2017

AJ has figured out how to travel for nothing! He found the code on how to get around the world to different locations for up to 100x less than what the airlines are asking! The secret is frequent flyer miles and finding the 'sweet spot' as well as some good deals to pay much less! He had one customer who would have paid $20k for a group of flights but they were able to get it down to under $200!!!


AJ helps run Abroaders podcast and a company which shows people how to save lots of money on flights. They help you get the right signup bonuses to get you on 4 free flights per year! If you can spend $1000 per month on the right credit card you can be on a flight in 3 months!


We also talk a bit about the future as well as the incentives of the credit card companies. I have heard frequent flyer miles stuff before but this part was absolutely new to me!


The song at the end is a Ukrainian folk band I encountered in the underground Metro in Paris. You can hear me finding out they are Ukrainian and yelling over the music in a bit of Russian....but they didn't want to talk much