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Jul 19, 2017

When Gret asked to come on the show to talk about his charity I warned him that it was not going to be a pleasant interview! After travelling across 17 countries in Africa in 2010 I personally saw the damage that well-intentioned charities had. Rich white people would simply get an idea like: 'I'm going to bring a million T-shirts to Africa' without having any thoughts about what damage that might cause. Imagine what would happen to your city if all the clothing stores suddenly had to shut down because the value of what you sold was gone.

Bureaucracy kills the actual implementation of charities which means that somewhere in Africa there is a warehouse full of Tom's shoes just sitting there. Not to mention the corruption that millions of dollars inevitably brings.

However, Gret Glyer's DonorSee seems to be a good solution. He adequately addressed all my concerns with charities with this peer to peer donation platform. Aid workers who are already in the country post on the site so people can donate. If the goal is reached then the money is sent to the aid worker to give to the cause. All the aid workers watch each other so that no funny business goes on and the crowd decides what to fund.

So, pretty good solution! They're on the right track to fixing charities.


Remember, just because your mission statement involves saving lives doesn't mean you can then run your organization however you want!!