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Mar 20, 2015

JV Crum III is the host of the Conscious Millionaire podcast as well as the author of the Conscious Millionaire: grow your business by making a difference. He is a top ranking podcast in 3 categories with his 5 times a week podcast with over 5000 downloads per day. There, he completely flips the idea of having money be a way of using people and a source of personal pleasure but instead argues that you should use money to help people. He has spent many months trying to gain consciousness and find meaning in his life after selling his profitable business. 
We talk about his travel experiences and the trip across Canada that changed his life. By embracing the moment and being spontaneous rather than having everything planned out he learned to live life in the moment.
This was such a good podcast and we went over time so I decided to split in two. Not really separated into themes but very interesting nonetheless.