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Jun 5, 2015

Jeff McAllister is an independent travel writer who writes more impactful works that would appear in works like 'National Geographic' rather than '10 things to do in Chiang Mai''

In this episode we talk about how we caught Jeff at a crossroads in him starting a chemical engineering degree in Australia after doing travel writing all over the world, especially island countries. He finds that the places off the beaten path, a too-often used phrase, is the best place to meet people. We then talk about how to get into the travel writing occupation and how to start making money by submitting stories to magazines and other places that will pay for you stories. We talk about the story that he wrote which took about 5 weeks to research in which he got paid about $1500 in a very cool country like Bangladesh while travelling. He then talks about how great Madagascar is and how it is absolutely necessary to go there. Finally, he talks about how travel can be a shortcut to wisdom versus a traditional education. The same way that the hard way to getting in shape would be to not go to the gym ever, the shortcut and harder way also is the faster way to get into shape.

His joke: "One electron falls down and another says to the first, hey, are you ok? Yeah, sure, I'm positive"