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Jul 1, 2015

Kristina Crowley is an Search Engine Optimization master at Harlo SEO who helps get your website noticed by Google. This can improve the visibility of your website by increasing exposure which can increase revenues. She is also the host of the Inspiration Morning podcast which helps give you positive thinking linked with action.

In this episode we talk about how Kristina got into SEO and how she was able to grow her skills. She talks about how its important to maintain the basics when having a website so that the Google spiders can go in and rank you well based on having good content. There are many penalties but generally it is logical and you can get benefits by having good content which talks about what your site is about. The importance is to stay in it for the long game and not just try to cheat the system, although things can be done quickly. She also talks about the need to protect yourself from attacks from others who might want to knock you down. Finally we talk about how important it is to travel because you can start to see that we are all similar.