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Aug 7, 2015

MK Sharma has been trying to preserve the history of the desert state of Rajasthan India in his Desert Cultural Center for almost 20 years. He has collected many rare historical artifacts into one museum which is mostly self funded. When we went to his museum we started talking to him and it was so interesting that I knew I had to come back to get an interview. He had seen so many changes in his state and was a wealth of information about the history and culture of his state.

In this interview we talk about the importance of keeping your culture. He talks about how the young people are chasing money and fancy things that the West has to offer instead of how to live a balanced and tradtional life. We talk about his efforts to maintain history and how we should do this as well. Finally we talk about how things will change over the next 50 years and if there is hope in even maintaining this. 

This is an interesting episode because with Westernization and modernization many cultures are sure to be lost. How do we preserve our culture and who we are for the future?