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Sep 16, 2015

Tijana Momirov of Follow the Elements has been an independent Software Engineer since 2010. Before being a digital Nomad was a thing, she was earning money while travelling. She especially loves Kitesurfing, letting it take her take her all over the world. Now she teaches how it is possible to 

In this episode we talk about how she has been able to be a freelance software engineer for the last 5 years. She has not been in a set location since then and has been living from her suitcase ever since. It all started during a job in Greece where she realized that being in the office was not necessary and the clients did not even know where she was. She now is a freelancer and generally works about 20 hours per week in order to make more money. We then talks about the first steps in setting up a freelancing job. She recommends going through some of the largest freelancer sites in order to gain more visibility. Then we talk about the benefits of living on the beach and how to get into Kitesurfing. I love the water so I am sure that I would love it, if it only wasn't so expensive that would be great!