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Sep 4, 2017

Hi Adventurers! This is a special bonus episode featuring some of my top travel podcaster friends! You will hear from each host for a couple of minutes so you can get a better feel for what they are like.  Immersing yourself in a variety of travel, lifestyle, digital nomad, expat, and adventure podcasts is the best way to accelerate your learning on the topics! Of course, there are some great shows in addition to this list, but have a listen and see what piques your interest!


6 Packs w/Expats

The 6 Packs w/Expats is a podcast by CP Travels which discusses global politics, fashion trends, myths, or just share stories about their time abroad hosted by Carl and Patrick.

1st - Travel_Like_a_Boss 1200 x 1200

Travel Like A Boss podcast is the radio show all about traveling like a boss by being your own boss – featuring guests that have built their own online businesses. This podcast is hosted by Johnny FD.


The Expat Happy Hour is the podcast that draws on the realities of expat life to offer you smart and simple solutions so that you can quickly (and painlessly!) adapt. Be successful, find your purpose abroad and stay connected with those who mean the most. This podcast is hosted by Sundae Bean.


As Told By Nomads podcast features interviews with global nomads, Third Culture Kids, entrepreneurs and multicultural individuals who are leaders in business, culture, travel and global affairs to discuss what it takes to embrace your global identity and become a global leader. This podcast is hosted by Tayo Rockson. Check out his website at tayorockson.com


AOA Cover Art 2016

Also, there is the Art of Adventure with my friend and former guest Derek Loudermilk. Our shows are very similar in that we both try to find the exciting things around the world in order to grow as a person. I actually stopped by his house for a week in Croatia a few months ago and we had a great time!