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Sep 25, 2015

I believe that it is important to become a wiser person. I think that experiences are important in life and that to experience more is to live a fuller life. That is why I thought that trying different types of drugs was important for my quest for wisdom.

  • It started picking the brain of a colleague working at UPS who, although young, had tried many things

  • Then when I was living on my own I made friends that could give access to the things I wanted to try

  • I was told that there were a few drugs you should never try because the risk was too high, heroin, crack, and meth.

  • I think drugs can be an eye opening experience, it can completely reset your way of thinking

  • I eventually found that most drugs were kind of useless and a waste of time but that psychadelics had a use

  • You should be mature enough to understand and interpret what you are seeing and what it means

  • I then moved to the opinion that especially psychadelics could have beneficial effects just like a spirit quest

  • You can ask a question or somehow focus on a problem to get it resolved. For example, on a mushroom trip I realized that I already had all the power within me to do the things that I wanted. Only I was holding myself back and that I needed to stop stopping the things I knew would lead to success

  • I think that psychadelics should be done in a good environment. Going to the amusement park is dangerous but being with trusted friends can be beneficial

  • Once or twice per year is probably the upper limit because more than that might be damaging

  • Psychadelics are like heat applied to plastic. It can help soften it to mold it easier. The plastic is like your psyche and ways of thinking. Over time it can become deformed or rough and has to be smoothened

  • Trying to shape plastic without heat can work but it can take time or break it. Also, applying too much heat can cause a mess

  • The plastic can be smoothened if done correctly but if done incorrectly it can make it even more deformed or rough. The plastic would then cool and it would be stuck like that for a very long time

  • One needs to be extremely careful and be mindful with any drug. Know why you are taking it and what outcome you are trying to achieve by doing it

  • Dislcaimer: Of course don't do illegal things and make sure that you are in a place that these things are allowed

  • With great power comes great responsibility


Special thanks to Diana Dell for getting in contact with your unique story. She is finishing up her Masters degree in environmental science and is moving to Armenia. Its a crazy idea but as far as I know she has never done drugs :P Good luck! :P