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Feb 25, 2015

Jeff Steinmann is the author and creator of the movement 'How to Quit Working' as well as the weekly podcast host of the show of the same name. He has been teaching people for the last 2 years on how you can leave your job and find fulfillment with entrepreneurship. He emphasizes living the lifestyle you want and considers himself to be a 'Lifestyle Fanatic.'  Jeff also writes for several media outlets, including The Huffington PostLifehack and Medium.
We talk about his passion to start this project after spending 10 years of his life in a unfulfilling job in order to show people that there is a better way to live. He says that we have been taught to live life in a way that does not make us happy and will ultimately not give us the security we once thought it would. We talk about how you don't have to leave everything and not burn all the bridges to transfer into your new life. He talks about ways to lower the risks of the transfer to a better life through doing what you are good at and not quitting until you are sure you can support yourself.