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May 20, 2015

Vladimir Skultety is a blogger at Forever a Student where he talks about learning languages. He speaks 11 languages fluently and teaches how to do it, especially with the process of learning Chinese. He has lived in Taiwan for 5 years and has been making YouTube videos to help teach the language.

In this episode, after we talk in Slovak for a half hour, we talk about his experience living in Taiwan for many years in English. He talks about how drinking is bad and he is living proof of what can be accomplished when one doesn't wake up hungover ever morning. He talks about his Spartan regiment of many hours per day of learning a base vocabulary. He then talks about the great method of finding patterns and using your languages you already know to help learn faster. He also mentions the importance of culture within language learning and how important it is to know the place more than simply the words. But his biggest tip for learning languages is simply being interested in it. Once you find something you are passionate about, it becomes effortless to work. Finally we talk about how travel gets you to go outside of your friends and helps you meet people with other ways of thinking which can lead to success.