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Jun 12, 2015

Sandra Tisiot is the founder and president of the Women in Business Conference, an author, barre instructor, and for almost twenty years has helped clients secure the best mortgage for their needs. Additionally she developed a personal data management system called MyLifeLocker that helps everyone manage their important personal information all in one place. She has also appeared on shows like Conscious Millionaire and is a writer for the Huffington Post.

We talk about the genesis of her project, MyLifeLocker, and how the idea came about and what it would be good for. She then talks about the amazing benefit that her previous life as a dancer gave in terms of learning hard work and doing the same thing over and over to achieve a goal. She then talks about her experience with networking and meeting important people in your life which has led to her starting a conference which now has over three hundred people. Starting with a smaller group and growing it eventually by being a connector she was able to provide a great time for all. Finally she talks about how travel gives an appreciation for other people and how it can be the best education especially for young people. It can help you be able to talk about the other countries on a personal level rather than an academic level to learn that we're all one.