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Sep 18, 2015

Exercise has been an interest of mine for over a decade and I have always wanted to be fit and have a sexy body. Over that decade I have learned more about the body and experimented with many things myself. Now I feel that my exercises are much more effective than they used to be

  • I was interested in working out and exercise ever since hitting puberty. It was my surefire way of getting laid! Unfortunately I found it is just a multiplier and that if you are starting from zero, anything times zero is still zero

  • As I mentioned in the previous episode, exercise is not the best way to lose weight but nutrition is. Exercise can activate some things in your body to make weight loss even faster and not to mention you look more sexy when fit no matter if you are a man or a woman

  • I was always pretty fit but never a meat head and even if I had muscles it could be hidden by the right shirt. But I was never able to keep it due to my travels since I was 18. I would go on a multi month trip at least once per year and it would screw up my workout plans

  • Many times I would lose lots of weight on a trip and it would take many months to get it back to how it was. This would mean with the length of the trip and the recovery I would lose about 6 months. Any gains during the rest of the year were then later wiped out by lack of good nutrition while travelling

  • I have never really maintained an exercise regimen while travelling although I know theoretically what should be done. Some elastic bands are often useful which allow you to train almost anything with about 10-45 pounds (5-20kg) resistance. Also bodyweight exercises are useful like pushups, pull ups, squats, or even running up and down stairs

  • I have never wanted to do these exercises so much because it always got in the way with activities that I was doing throughout the day. I think I also really liked the weights at the gym and jumping up and down didn't feel like a good substitute

  • Anyways, what I have found out is that shorter and more intense workouts are more effective. I used to do jogging for an hour or be on a cycle for that long but then some people I follow and personal experience showed that doing 4 minutes of intense exercise and 1 minute of rest was much better. Repeating this a few times would give much better results than an hour long run ever could

  • This is something I recommend (although I will only start doing it again this week) is to do sprints and to run about 5 times longer or further than your walks in between these runs. If you repeat it 2 to 5 times this is about the best workout you can do

  • I believe that lifting weights is also essential, even for girls. Girls look sexy when they are strong and don't worry, your hormones will not allow you to look like Arnold Schwarzenegger. Those women you see in the muscle magazines have loaded themselves with Testosterone and have devoted many years of their lives to this, so its not just going to sneak up on you!

  • Woman who are surprisingly strong yet sexy are pole dancers / strippers. They have to hold themselves up using only their grip and move their legs and body around. It is very hard and it requires lots of strength (try it!). So if you are a girl worried about gaining to much muscle, just remember if you try hard then you will probably end up just as muscly as a stripper. Said another way, you will have a strippers body

  • Men, of course, do not need much convincing to go lift weight because it is what makes us look good. But it is also important to not get lost in numbers competitions trying to outdo the next person which could lead to bad form while lifting or focusing on it too much at the expense of your other muscle groups. This can lead to an imbalanced body which is also not sexy, the opposite of what you were going for!

  • Besides simply looking sexy, exercise gives you energy in the long run because your body learns to handle using so much energy. That means that you then have more energy for the other things in your life like career, family or other projects. It gives you strength for those times or tasks where you need it. I find it can also triple your sex drive, perfect if you have a partner. It improves your posture. Also it can become addictive and refreshing. After about two months of exercise your body starts to get used to it and craves some sort of physical activity. How is that for a healthy addiction?!

  • So what kind of weightlifting regimen is the best? I find that the most essential movements are squats, deadlift, pull ups, incline bench press, clean and press and the row. If you don't understand what all those mean, just click through to the links here or google it yourself.

  • If these 6 exercises formed 70% of your exercises you would be quite successful in becoming much stronger. These 6 will hit every part muscle in your body and you will end up looking great. Doesn't matter if you are a man or a woman.

  • Another key thing to remember is how much to lift. Some have said that you need to do each movement 20-50 times but I disagree. I have seen that when you use the maximum amount of weight, so that you can only do the movement 2-5 times it is the most effective. This means you do 2-5 repetitions, rest some time, and do it again. This is generally enough, more is not always better.

  • This also goes for women. Although it might not seem like a feminine or girly thing to do, you want results, not to look girly at the gym. Also, the men are naturally going to be stronger so even your heavy weights will be small by comparison, so still girly

  • An important thing to do is to cycle through those 6 exercises. Otherwise you could get what I had for a long time, muscular imbalance. It can come from many things but it can be quite damaging to your health. It can change your posture for the worse, cause some muscles to be strangely larger than others, or even put stress on your body in ways it was not designed to handle. Watch out for this and this should be your highest goal, balance

  • It is also important not to overtrain. For me, I find going to the gym or generally exercising 2 or 3 times per week for about 45 minutes each time is perfect. Do you have an hour and a half each week to spare in order to look great? This is less than 2% of your waking hours of the week. Seems like such a small thing to ask huh?

  • Finally, the most important thing to do for exercise is to find a sport or activity which you love. This should be a physical activity where you lose track of time. For my gf this is salsa dancing, and for me it would be surfing or snorkeling. When you have something like this then the exercise is automatic and integrated into your life, just the way you want it.

  • Travel can be great as you can find new activities that attract you more. I didn't really have any activities where I would lose track of time except snorkeling and surfing where you couldn't get me out of the water (no, I was not drowning). Although I have only done it a handful of times I recently realized this was my favorite activity and will make sure to do it as often as possible. But my activities depend on travel


Let me know what you thought of this. It is a bit difficult to put everything I have experienced in this field into a short bite sized clip which can be useful as well. I have tried to only put in the essential things and I hope that it is helpful for you