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Aug 19, 2015

Andrew Henderson is host of the Nomad Capitalist where he helps people discover the offshore secrets "they" don't want you to know about. He share 100% legal strategies for wealth creation, asset protection, and doing business overseas. He talks about how you can shop around to go where you are treated best in terms of a passport, bank account, business accounts and even simply talking to people. He teaches that the US might not be the best place for any of these things.

In this episode we talk about how 'flag theory' is something that can allow you to shop around for the best deals in terms of all aspects of your life. Since travel is so easy and cheap now, it is easy to have a second residency somewhere and banking somewhere else. He says that it is always best to be treated as a tourist wherever you are. Many of these things affect mostly those who have their own companies or those making more than $100k a year. Although this probably does not affect you now, it is always a good thing to know and to know that options exist. Finally we talk about the possibility of me giving up my US passport to get something else, although I am not sure about this at the moment.