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Mar 2, 2016

Connor Grooms is  is location independent at only 20 years old, traveling and living around the world as he runs his business online, from Saigon to Barcelona to his new homebase in MedellĂ­n. In November 2014, he gained 26 pounds of muscle in a month after a lifetime of being skinny. This past June, he achieved conversational level of Spanish in a single month and self-produced the film, "Spanish in a Month: A Language Learning Documentary" about the experience, which has been featured in outlets like Forbes. Following the success of his Spanish in a Month documentary, Grooms founded BaseLang.com - unlimited Spanish tutoring for $99 a month, which follows the same principles he used to learn so quickly.
In this episode we talk about how much easier it is to learn things when it is done all at once. Instead of doing a little bit of studying or work over a long period of time, we both find it is more efficient to learn it all at once. When you have this level of focus, it is possible to do things like learn Spanish in a month. He also talks about how much he learned through his experience of learning Spanish in a month and what he has applied to his new company to help new learners. Then we talk about how many things that are taught in school or are generally thought of as common knowledge is either wrong or not completely true. He suggests learning things yourself and to get many sources of information. The next thing he talks about is maybe one of the best tips for becoming location independent. His advice is to find a skill people will pay for whether it be design, writing, writing code and to become "really really really really good at that." So simple yet so profound.