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Jun 17, 2015

Derek Loudermilk is the host of the Art of Adventure podcast where he talks about Strategies for Adventure, Learning, and Entrepreneurship. The main themes of the show are personal development and lifestyle design with the idea that you must have your own unique life adventure. He is a current road cycling coach who collects stories and teaches about transitioning from one phase of life to the next and how entrepreneurship can create meaningful expression through the work you do. As a former microbiologist having worked on extremophiles in Yellowstone he also talks about curiosity, exploration, and discovery from science to world travel

On this podcast episode we talk about Derek's progress and route to get to where is right now. I caught him in Bali where he had been living for some weeks. We talk about his change of career plan from being a microbiologist working in a lab to something where he is able to share ideas with people more. We talk about the perks of being a podcast host and how it has helped form business ideas in the form of business retreats he is planning which will teach what he has been learning for the last few years. We talk about what he has learned through travel especially in discovering the value of collaborations with people you work with.