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Nov 26, 2014

Hunter Maats is the cohost (and program director) of the Bryan Callen show which has tens of thousands of monthly downloads. He brings the scientific and intelligent yang to the ying of the comedy of Bryan Callen in the Bryan Callen show. Also, Hunter (and coauthor Katie O'Brien) have written the 'Straight-A Consipiracy' which reverses the notion that people are born smart and is focused on helping high school students get good grades but can be applied to college and life as well.
Finally, he speaks about 8 languages but is somehow unable to come up with a good joke in Norwegian!! Come join this excellent interview where he talks about the learning process and how he experienced travel. My favorite fact that he mentioned was that people even in tribal communities spoke about 5 languages, it has stuck with me and stays in my mind when I think I should improve.Super thoughtful Hunter