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Mar 27, 2015

I moved to the wonderful country of Germany over 18 months ago and have loved every moment of it. I somehow expected that I would be able to passively learn the language but of course that did not happen. Over the last few months I have really started working hard on it and in a few weeks I will be doing my C1 exam which would put me at an advanced level. It is a bit of a reach and I will have to study hard in order to attain it. But hopefully all that I have learned along the way will help me. 

The things that helped me get so far are finishing the Duolingo German course, learning the top 4000 most frequently used words on MemRise, listening to podcasts, speaking with people, and I will now read my first novel in German.

I also talk about my upcoming move from Germany and into India. I am nervous but excited about the whole thing...it's going to be great!