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May 22, 2015

Josh Elledge is the Chief Angel at Savings Angel and the host of the 90 Days to Abundance podcast. There  they show how to spend less, instantly earning the equivalent of a $3000 – $4000 a year pay raise by saving on groceries! This system is streamlined so that you don't have to dig through coupons. The system has a coupon database that also links with the local sales at stores which can then notify you when you can get things for free.

In this episode we talk about his experience helping people save money on groceries. He says the lazy people simply go to the warehouse clubs to save money and that nobody has enough time to do coupons. He says it is worth it because it is worth $20-40 per hour of printing coupons. He mentions a deal where it was possible to get boxes of cereal for free and how it is even possible to get paid sometimes to buy things. He then talks about how the Savings Angel program does the savings for you to help you find the best deal. In this way you can save $50-100 per month which can add up to over $1000 per year extra money that you would have in your bank. He then talks about how to maximize the service at a hotel you may have booked and how to minimize the cost at the same time. In this way he was able to stay in a $400 room for $60. He teaches a bit about being nice, using properly phrased questions, and being pleasant in order to get things that may be beneficial for you. Finally he talks about how travelling helps you get out of your typical routine and do something new. In this way it can recharge your batteries to get you more energy for the other things in your life.

His joke "Knock knock, who's there? Interrupting cow. Interrupting co --Moo!!"