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May 29, 2015

Thai Nguyen is a freelance writer for the Utopian Life which talks about change, growth, & improvement. He has been a  5-Star Chef, International Kickboxer, now is a Writer & Teacher. His family fled Vietnam after the war, grew up in Australia, and completed his BA in Humanities/Theology in Texas. He writes about how to embrace growth, mastering your emotions, and overall becoming a better person on his Huffington Post blog.

We talk about his varied background and how it has all tied together to bring him to where he is now. We then talk about the value of being flexible and being able to have skills in many areas. We then move to talk about how he found value only through his accomplishments and how he has moved more towards simply pursuing his curiosity and passion. He talks about the benefit of immersion, whether it be in learning Thai kickboxing and competing in record time or learning Spanish while being immersed in Peru. Finally we talk about how travelling and living abroad is the equivalent of a University degree.

His joke: "How do you kill a vegetarian vampire? - With a stake to the heart"