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Mar 2, 2022

Francis Tapon rejected his normal Harvard Business school life and instead chose to hike the Appalachian trail and travel in Africa for 5 years. He hosts the Wander Learn podcast where he talks about the benefits of being a wanderer.

Top 3 Takeaways:

  • "Sometimes I think the best way to learn is just to forego college and then just go travel the world and spend a few years going traveling around. This probably costs you even less than college."
  • "That is a more important question than how to make a billion dollars is what you do once you have a billion dollars, because once you have a billion dollars, how you spend your time is extremely telling it shows whatever you're spending your time at that point is your passion is what you really want to do."
  • "The protest during the Occupy Wall Street and people are saying like "the top 1%, the top 1%, top 1%." And I felt like walking into that crowd and just saying "You guys are all in the top 1%, every single one of you protesters, because compared to most of this planet, which lives in India, China, Asia, and certainly Africa, you guys are way wealthier than most people out there.""

0:45 "Do you want to do a brief synopsis of all the travel you've done and then why you think why you like this name wander learn?"

7:45 "Have you continued doing robotic vision stuff or have you done only the travel stuff?"

13:45 "So you haven't grown tired of this?"

16:15 "Let's talk about Wander Learn"

21:45 "Sounds like you like hiking"

23:45 "So what's the point of walking so much for weeks and months? What do you get out of it?"

30:30 "How about you for the meditative hiking stuff? Does time go by quickly?"

38:15 " Is there anything that you wanted to talk about that you wanted to cover?"