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Aug 28, 2015

I think that Western society's way of looking at sexuality is wrong. I think it can be extremely damaging and I believe that other parts of the world may have solutions. By suggesting that only gay or not gay exist, it pidgeonholes people into only these two possibilities and limits what might actually be happening in development. I also think that gender reassignment surgery is not a good idea

  • First of all I recognize that it is a privilege brought by wealth that you could choose anything except a heterosexual marriage

  • Money and technology have made the unimaginable a reality. Transgender people are extremely common in Thailand which would not have been possible a few decades ago

  • I am a bit worried about these kinds of surgeries especially the fact that they are irreversible

  • Since people don't know what they want even 10 years from now it should not be allowed or at least heavily regulated to allow something that is not reversible

  • Being done at a young age is even worse. Imagine a child who is in love with Tennis and wants to get a tennis racket implanted in their hand to improve their game. Should this be allowed? What if the child REALLY loves tennis and has so since they were young?

  • I am a scientist and understand the arguments that being gay or wanting to be transgender is genetic and rooted in biology. I don't buy it. I think that the same forces that make somebody love tennis and think about it all the time are the same ones involved in homosexuality

  • Just because sex, and sexual organs are involved does not make it any different. It is only our sex averse culture that doesn't want to touch or discuss it because it involves stuff 'down there'

  • So if we would not allow that tennis surgery because the possibility of changing your mind is too high, why allow it with something else? We live in an age now where our careers are expected to change every 10 years and we will completely have to reinvent ourselves. The world will change so much so why do we think that we will love the same thing 60 years from now? I think this is a ridiculous idea no matter what the subject is, tennis, becoming a woman, or knowing what you want to do with your life

  • I am friends with some transgender people but I still question their motivations. Maybe it is just too different from my reality and I won't be able to understand it.

  • My opinion is that homosexuality is too common and that it is an excuse for merely being different, more effeminate, or scared to do anything with women

  • The irreversibly of coming out of the closet is also apparent to me. Many voices on the media promote being gay but I have not heard much about the trouble of being stuck one way.

  • If you did a big show to 'come out of the closet' is it possible to change your mind a few years later or is it irreversible?

  • I have had these questions based on my travels especially in Thailand. I saw this place as one of the most interesting places I had been especially in terms of sexuality. I definitely think that a documentary should be done especially of the ladyboys in Pattaya just because it is so different than anything else. I think there is much to learn there. But the question of permanence of your choice is still troubling to me

  • I also have struggled with these questions at a personal level. Although I am in a happy relationship with an awesome girl, I remember a time many years ago when I was struggling to get laid. I had made a semi serious commitment that I would turn to men if that drought would go on longer

  • This is why I see the possibility that announcing that you are gay is a way to get rid of responsibility. It prevents you from doing the hard thing of getting with a girl and instead going the easy route. Its like trying to feed a baby versus trying to feed a hungry dog. One takes much less effort to get them fed

  • I also think that entering the gay scene could also be a blunt way of saying you reject traditional masculine roles. Being ostracized from a young age could leave you with resentments which could manifest them as joining this community. It may not be completely correct that is why I think there should be more emphasis on the fluidity of sexuality

  • Sexuality should be taken as a fluid thing and that it can change over time. Depending on your environment or your social group it can be different.

  • I can't think of any other decision that has such a permanent impact. Whether it be a choice in a career, to have children, or to devote your life to a sport, none have such long lasting impacts as declaring your sexuality. This is expected at a time when you are too uncertain to make the small decisions let alone the permanent ones

  • Although I like to try new things, and have done some things with guys I have done enough to know I don't want to do everything. I'll let you decide what that means

  • So many of the opinions I've shared are either based on myself, people I met, or things I had observed. They are just opinions and theories that can be changed in light of new evidence. My aim is not to judge or criticize, but rather offer an opinion for something I have not heard much about.

  • Here is a thought experiment: in a hypothetical world which is completely made up, what if there was some chemical in certain plastics which would change the hormones in a human body and increase their chances of being gay? Would we want to ban this chemical from our plastic supply or would we keep it? Would it be homophobic to neutralize this compound within the body to bring people back to normal or would we keep it the way it is? I am very curious to hear your responses as I don't think it has a correct answer. Please send me your ideas! :)



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