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Jul 24, 2015

First of all I want to hear what you guys think about my new microphone. Although I had bought it about 9 months ago, I was too cheap to pay for the faster shipping and therefore it was sitting in my mom's house until now. I hope you guys like it as well as my ever increasing commitment to quality. I hope I can have a super sexy voice that you guys will fall even more in love with!

Now this episode might be a bit strange but in my mind it is incredibly important! What would it be worth to you if you never had to charge your phone again? Our phones are becoming the centers of our world as they have replaced a dozen devices from a decade ago. I myself have seen this shift in my travels and what I needed to carry with me while backpacking. Earlier, I had to carry my camera, laptop, books, microphone, ipod, and of course my cell phone. Now this is all in one convenient device which has dropped my packing weight in half!

The problem with this is, before you had many batteries to handle all these things, but now you only have one device. I can sometimes drain my smartphone battery in only a few hours. These are usually the times that I need it most! When I need to check my bookings, find my accommodation, or take that once in a lifetime picture. The stress that comes with a low battery is real and I can start to act differently depending on the numbers at the top of my phone screen.

So what would you do or pay in order to never have to charge your phone again? What would you do in order to have unlimited phone charge? I have tried many devices and methods in order to make this happen. I have used battery banks, battery cases, charging it wherever I go, and even turning it on airplane mode for most of the day. However, no method works nearly as well as simply having extra batteries.

With extra batteries, as soon as your phone is dead, you can simply pop out the old ones and put in new ones. There is no time to wait for charging and you can get on with your work within 30 seconds. You might also carry an extra one in addition to that which means your battery life could extend for days. I did this as I was looking for a location in London. I was actually given the wrong address and therefore was using Google Maps for about 4 hours. But I was not worried even as my battery bar kept going down, I knew I had a few backups. That day I actually went through 3 batteries, and I could not have imagined finding the place without it.

Since I hosted many events in Germany I would always laugh when there was a get together and inevitably there was someone with a dead phone. Sometimes they would try to revive it and frantically ask around for a charger. It was like a drug addict running around wanting more 'juice.' It actually ended up being somewhat of a constant and I now estimate that one out of every 20 people at an event would want to charge their phones.

I actually have gone many months without charging my phone. What I would do is simply pop out my dead batteries and then put in the new ones. I would then put the old battery on a charger. This would mean that when it was charging, I would not have to be tied to an outlet to do whatever work I needed on the phone. I was free to move around or even leave the battery there while it did its work. Since the chargers also have an external USB, it is also possible to charge both at the same time. This means that overnight in your hotel or hostel, you can charge twice as much.

Some people use power banks and I used to also. However, it doesn't make sense to need to hold two devices for a few hours in order to get it to work. They are big and clunky and I have actually messed up my charging port by putting both of them in my pocket at the same time. But mostly, the biggest inconvenience is the time it takes to charge it.

Finally there is a great problem to be solved in terms of emergencies. Even if you charge your phone as you normally have, it is always wise to keep a spare in case of an emergency. I tried to tell my friend, that even if you only use the spare battery once per month it is still worth it. That one time in that month would likely save your ass and you would be very grateful that you had it.

Now, some phones with sealed in batteries don't have this option. This is a huge problem as phones like the iPhone think that their product looks better when you can't look inside. And if you have this phone, all I can say is I'm sorry, nobody is perfect. You will be stuck with a powerbank or tied to an outlet. That's what you get for getting the wrong type of phone :P

I have a recommendation for this. This is the charger and batteries that I used for over 6 months before my phone was stolen in Northern India. I absolutely loved it and it was very useful. It came with 3 batteries which were only about 80% the strength of original ones but that didn't matter much with 3 extras. It is only $20 with shipping and this is the cost to never need to charge your phone again. You will always be secure and always be able to use your phone when you need it. It is a small price to pay.

Sorry for this very strange topic but it is something I have become strangely argumentative of. I see that the way I have done things is far superior to the silly things that my friends do and I try to convince them. Hopefully I convinced you a bit about why it is better to have extra batteries rather than any other way of charging your phone.


Special thanks to Juliano José Lourenço for writing in!