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May 16, 2018

Since I last gave updates on things in my life it has been about 6 months (since I recorded the episode, not since I published it).

Lots has happened!

I have now gotten a job and moved to Gainesville, Florida. It is a cool project designing injectable brain implants and I am very happy. It was almost 2 years since I finished my Masters in Germany and it has been a hell of a time finding a job I would be happy in. I am already thinking that I could spend a few years here even though I was skeptical at first.

I had broken up with my girlfriend and that has weighed heavily on my heart. I had never been so heartbroken and am hoping that we will get back together someday. I think it may have been for the best because this way we can both follow our dreams before getting back together.

Otherwise it is a big transition going from being on the move all the time and living out of one backpack to settling down. I can now get 10 backpacks worth of stuff!!