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Nov 4, 2015

Kara Ronin is the founder of Executive Impressions which provides international business etiquette training and consulting to companies, universities and individuals to help them succeed in the international business arena.  Her services focus on business etiquette, leadership skills, and executive communication. 

In this episode we talk about how she got started in providing tips for international business people because of her having lived on 4 continents. She talks about her experiences speaking and seeming interested in her new home in France. We then talk about the mysterious Indian head wobble and she explains a bit about the differences between showing yes and no. She mentions a video which can be watched here. She then talks about how when you are in a new culture you have to respect their customs. Simply doing what you want to do may not be received too well and could hurt your relationships. Then we talk about my experiences with my boss at my work in India and the way things are different there. Finally she talks about how travel helps you learn about the world and learn about yourself.