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Jan 5, 2022

Kathleen Peddicord wrote a book "How to Retire Overseas" where she talks about some of the research going into the best places to spend your twilight years.

Top 3 Takeaways:

  • "The average social security check right now for an American is about $1,500 a month. And that's enough budget to live well in a lot of places."

  • "The best place to retire overseas in 2022 is a town called Comporta on the coast of Portugal, about an hour and a half outside Lisbon"
  • The cost of healthcare can be 5-10x cheaper in other countries with even higher quality

1:00 "Do you want to introduce yourself a little bit?"

2:45 "How are you covering retirement for the last 37 years? Have you been retired for the last 37 years?"

4:30 "What's maybe the top five on the retirement index?"

9:30 "This retirement index how focused is it on retirement? And how transferrable is it to other things?"

11:30 Do people get bored of retirement or can they move to another place?

15:30 "Do you find that people that have traveled before or have lived abroad maybe that are maybe more open to this kind of thing?"

19:30 How does the healthcare cost and quality compare with the US?

25:30 "If people are interested in living abroad retiring overseas, how do they do that?"

28:15 "How has COVID changed everything? How has it changed the index, for example, is it still possible to go out? How does it work?"