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Jul 8, 2015

Lara Loest is from Show Notes Made Easy which is a service to provide show notes which she now does for some of the biggest names in the industry. It has gotten so large she has had to hire people to keep up with demand.

In this episode we talk about what she does in her job. She says the biggest key is to know the audience as well as possibly knowing some keywords to help grow your audience. She talks about how she started about a year and a half ago for a friend which helped grow this business. Since then she has not done any advertising and has grown only through referrals. In this time she has been able to grow the business so much that she now has to hire help in order to keep up with the job demand.  She then gives some her experiences having lived in Ireland after being in a writing job. There she did some schooling and was able to travel a bit which really piqued her interest. She then talks about how much she loves travel and how it should be mandatory to live abroad for some time to challenge your assumptions.