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Apr 10, 2019

I talk to my friend here in Gainesville, Joe Uong. We met because of his great language ability in German which he had only been learning a few months.

His secret was using a service called Lingoda. Here they offer group language lessons in German, French, Spanish, or Business English. You have a teacher and go through specific language lessons with up to 4 other students via a video Zoom meeting.

Joe ended up doing their quarterly language half Marathon where you if you complete 15 hour-long classes per month for 3 months then you get half of the 109 euro (~$122) monthly course fee refunded!! For the language full Marathon you would get all of the 219 euro (~$245) monthly charge refunded if you completed 30 hour-long courses!!!

You can get free language lessons!

Joe and I talk about the service and some of the benefits over using a free service like Duolingo. Each has its purpose. I ended up using Lingoda for the half Marathon also and I really ended up enjoying how much my language learning improved.


Get a $75 discount off the first month using the code


This also gives me a few free lessons, everyone wins!