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Jul 29, 2015

Matt McLeod is the host of the Austrailian Backpacking podcast. He has worked in the hostel industry for over 6 years and has seen the change of many people who go through the doors. The podcast talks about what to see while in Austrailia from an expert in the industry.

In this episode we talk about his life journey which eventually led him to work in a hostel in Australia. We talk about the trip that made him change his mind about what is important to see while in Australia. We talk about the work opportunities doing farmwork and other ways to make money while travelling. They have many people coming through who spend many months and can do it without much in terms of savings. Finally we talk about how he has personally seen travel around Australia change people's lives. He talks about how after 3 months the same people come through his hostel and he can see a change in their behavior and speech. How mothers call him and thank him for the changes done to their child during their stay abroad. This has been the episode that has proven the idea of the show the most, Travel is a learning experience which can lead to success.