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Jun 19, 2015

Omar Zenhom is the host of the $100 MBA podcast which was voted to be a best of 2014 podcast by iTunes. On this show Omar gives short 10 minute business guides to help people already in business or those wanting to start a business take the steps they need in order to get started. He is also the co-creater of the $100 MBA program which tries to teach all the essential things that are taught in a typical MBA program but without the $50k price tag.

In this episode we talk about Omar's path to starting the $100 MBA by first being an educator in Dubai and not liking it. He talks about his father's outlook of having a stable job and how it affected his goals for his career. He chose education but soon found that there was lots of bureaucracy and improvements in the education system are very slow coming. He ended up leaving that and doing a string of start ups from auto sales to clothing before finally getting started on his Business Republic project to teach business lessons for a fraction of the price. He also talks about the importance of writing in order to clarify your ideas and to become a better communicator. Finally he talks about how travel can make you question your beliefs which can give you opportunities to grow.

His joke "Why don't seagulls fly by the bay? Because then they would be bagels"