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Jul 26, 2017

Robert Frank almost died on a racquetball court when his heart stopped beating. 99% of people die from this particular disease. Robert was almost a part of that were it not for the ambulance a few hundred meters away which had been called to this rural location on a false call. 

In his excellent book, Sucess and Luck, Robert talks about how we perceive these two things. Most successful people have a hard time acknowledging the role of luck in their success but it most definitely is there. He explains it with the metaphor of a headwind and a tailwind. When you are going against a headwind you know it and think about it often. However, if you experience a tailwind you quickly forget that you have something helping you.

I really enjoyed this interview because I have had many lucky/unlucky breaks as well. It's important to recognise this and to just try as hard as you can knowing luck may be working against you.

So just keep trying! Get better! And eventually, luck may be on your side!