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Nov 11, 2015

Vinh Ly used to be a private jet salesman traveling around the world and was a contestant on the French version of the Apprentice. Now he a digital nomad and author of Billion Dollar Influence: A Persuasion Skills Masterclass from Someone Who Sells Private Jets for a Living. He also started a Conversion Optimization business and and has had many global experience - and leaving a prestigious corporate job to become an entrepreneur nomad.

In this episode we talk about how he got into the private jet business and some funny things he did in order to get more sales. Since we started the podcast before an official introduction he didn't realize we were recording and therefore had to remove some sensitive parts. But he talks about what he did within this company to make sure these $100 million machines were sold well. Then we talk about his leaving the company to teach people about persuasion which he learned selling jets. He goes over his MITT method of Meditation, Improvisation, Technique and Training. These are good ways to learn almost any skill. He talks about how this method can help especially in job interviews and sales. His tip is to make sure you know what your 3 main strengths are and to make sure they shine through in the interview. Finally we talk about his experience with travel and how he has been used to it his whole life. We also talk about the ways that French people travel and how they only go to places that also speak French.