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Dec 17, 2014

Matt Wilson is the founder of Under30CEO as well as Under30Experiences. Under30CEO is a site that teaches people how to manage their lives in this changing economy and has been featured in the New York Times, CNN, Forbes and many other places. It has over 4000 articles to get a bit over 25,000 facebook likes. Lots of material is on this site
What we talk about Under30Experiences, a travel company he created to take people to countries and to take them off the beaten path. This is something I wish I could've founded myself many years back and was very happy to find out that it already existed. They take participants to places such as Iceland, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, Bali and many other locations. They are vacation time friendly and make sure that you have a life-changing experience.

Listen to how he started both companies and how you can learn from taking one of their trips!