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Dec 19, 2014

Ladan talks about the experiences he has had with internships abroad. This is more or less the reason that he has gotten into the Masters program that accepted only 10% of applicants. This is absolutely a way to open doors and be able to travel at the same time. 


Since internships are generally not very rigorous and not much responsibility is give, it gives you a chance to explore the place are located in. It also gives you the ability to take a much smaller backpack and have a home base while checking out new places. Learn how Ladan was able to see many areas of Germany during his 2 month stay in Berlin by travelling during the weekend.


Do it! Do an internship abroad, but make sure to do it many many months in advance! it is a low-stakes way to check out a country to see if you would want to live there. Listen to the show for more details! :)