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Apr 15, 2015

Toby Salgado is an amazing entrepreneur having started 4 companies that have earned over a million dollars. Although the topics of the businesses have been different the overarching theme has generally been Real Estate. He has been interviewed on many podcasts including Eventual MillionaireEntrepreneur on Fire and many others. In his podcast, Super Agents Live, he teaches how to reach your potential in real estate. He asks guests what mistakes did they make along the way and how to reach your potential. He also talks about sales, marketing, lead generation, mindset and team building not only in real estate but in all aspects of life.
In this episode we talk about how to get over fearing risk. We talk about how everyone wants to be a millionaire but what you need to do it. He gives tips on how to get started making money with real estate to get your passive income stream started. There are many advantages to using real estate including easily being able to leverage the property, getting passive income, and finally appreciation of the property itself. He also refutes my views that working with your back against the wall can actually be an advantage rather than having options. Finally, he talks about another way of making income while travelling. He talks about being a virtual real estate agent and the flexibility this job can offer.