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Apr 24, 2015

Reid Peterson has felt how stories can be powerful to uplift, teach, give you more meaning and depth- of what someone goes through, to provide more hope, inspiration, and support in your own life. He is the host of Life Changing Stories podcast and goes deep into the stories that changed people's lives and what they took from the experience. He was deeply inspired by the Chicken Soup For The Soul series of books that were immensely popular in the late 90’s. The stories were very touching. Being a person who learns from experience and enjoying the art of storytelling, the idea for Life Changing Stories came to him when he was in a dark place in life.
We talk about the inception of the podcast as well as hearing many great stories and diving further into them. We talk about how stories can help bring you out of a dark place and bring meaning to things. He also shares his travel experiences across Australia and what he was expecting to get from that. Finally, he shares some good tips for making a good story.
His joke: "Imagine a 7 yr old asking you when is the best time to see  a dentisit? tooth 30"