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Apr 29, 2015

Nate Clover is the host of the motivation podcast, Propel Day and Mind Shot, which give a shot of motivation to your daily goals. In his motivation tool helper website, Self Coaching Tools, he brought a unique and powerful partnership to the world of personal development and coaching, creating a Self-Coaching system that takes you “beyond the feel good” of the self help industry to a place where accountable action, the thrill of competition and an empowered community come together to form an innovative life-changing experience.
In this energetic interview he talks about how this system helps you get more motivated and stay in the game long enough to win. We talk about how seemingly being rejected from another coaching program gave him the drive to start his own self-coaching program. We talk about the successes of the tool he co-developed which utilizes the power of friendly competition and accountability to stay on track with your goals.
His joke: "What does the fish say when it runs into a wall? Dam!"