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Feb 3, 2016

In this episode I ask if travelling can be more valuable than a College degree. In the US a bachelors degree can cost $30k and this doesn't even guarantee you a job. I have found that travel costs about $15k per year, so would this money be better used in travel? Can you learn more in travel than you could in the classroom?

To find the value of College or University ask yourself: 

  • are you learning a trade that can make you money such as engineering, science, or trades such as welding or automotive work?
  • are you getting a network which can help you later in life, especially if you are going into a field?
  • are you diving deep into the subject and learning all that you can learn so that you actually come away with useful knowledge?

To find the the value of travel ask yourself:

  • are you diving into the culture and are you only talking to hotel staff or are you learning the language in a local village?
  • are you staying a week, 3 months, or are you living abroad to understand more of the location?
  • are you going somewhere interesting with many learning experiences?

So of course it depends on what your answers to all of these criteria are but in many cases travel can be better than a University degree