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Feb 24, 2016

Karen French is the founder of Karen French Floral Designs which provides floral arrangements and designs to boutique hotels and private homes. She makes weekly individual arrangements which she matches according to the environment and desires of the customers. 

In this episode we talk about how Karen was born abroad and lived in some places like Dubai, Bahrain, and Singapore many decades before they became big and popular. Then we talk about what her job as a floral designer means in relation to what a florist does. We talk about her designing process and what it means to work with a customer. We then talk about the 'Trailing Spouse' which often comes along when one person in a couple gets a job abroad. These people often are not allowed to work and can be bored staying at home all day. We talk about how this business has given her meaning in life while she had financial security. We then talk about the power of social media and how she was able to get to 30k follower within a year. She then talks about how travelling can be great and how languages can help you get into the local population better