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Jan 31, 2018

2017 was a very interesting year for me! After coming back from being deported to Russia in late 2016 I ended up moving in with an awesome girl. Actually, I only stayed with her half of the time to make sure that I wouldn't have visa problems. So I did odd jobs around Europe and bounced around to prevent border control from getting mad at me!

So during 2017 I lived in England, worked in France, Ukraine and Slovakia, and travelled to Norway, Spain, Portugal, Poland, Germany, Austria, Hungary, Croatia, Czech Republic, Iceland, visiting family in the US before going to India! So many places but many were out of necessity! 

Anyways, 2018 will probably have more nomadic times because my girlfriend had quit her job in late 2017 to follow her dream of travelling for 6 months in South Asia. I, of course, would accompany her since I had already been there. After that we might do a documentary in the US before settling there and working in a lab.

I hope the travel wisdom will continue and I will always be ready with a backpack in hand with many more interesting people to talk to!

Note, this episode was recorded in November, almost 3 months ago, but I think it is still pretty valid.