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Sep 30, 2015

Ryan Williams is the host of the Influencer Economy which is about the changing world of media. Where before, it would take a media company to give the green light to something, now this is done by the audience instead. What this means is that some things end up being wildly successful yet is very strange.  A good example of this is something called machinima which uses existing video games in order to act out a story. What he shows is that the future is changing and that we need to be successful. Ryan talks about what happens when the niches become mainstream

In this episode we talk about the the power of this new community and their relationship with their audience. People who supply content or somehow are an influencer online are following a whole new set of rules than before. Collaboration is the new name of the game with the bigger person giving social proof and credibility to the little person. This is the new way the games are being played which will influence the way media will be done. These people are able to crowdfund over $2 million from fans by allowing access in a way not possible before. Although it looks like an overnight success, all of the people he profiled had done their craft for many years before being 'discovered.'