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Apr 6, 2022

Nate Ritter is a failed expat who was unable to live in France. Since then he has founded a company called Room Steals which is a hotel booking search engine which allows you to find wholesale prices of hotels. He has seen savings of many hundred dollars on a single night but savings are often 20%.

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Top 3 Takeaways:

  • "The night before we left, we were like, what do we do with all this paperwork?We don't need it because we got our visa. And we literally burned all of the paperwork. It was like a book of paperwork that proved who we were and what we were doing and all this kind of stuff. So we burned it in the fireplace that night, thinking this is a fun story to tell people later"
  • "My favorite story that we had is that we spent $250 to send four of us round trip to Europe, and we stayed for a month and paid zero on accommodations. So for 250 bucks to fly to Europe for four of us, and then stay there for a month, like it's definitely, people are spending three, $4,000, easy on that kind of a thing."
  • "So that's Room Steals. I took that inventory source and I said, "this needs to be public." Instead of doing what everybody else does, which includes Expedia booking, they say here's what the wholesale price is, and mark it up to that and then they keep the difference. So I thought we should be a little bit more transparent than that.  We make all of our money like a Costco model. We're doing a membership."

1:00 "Failed expat, how does that work?"

7:00 "What happened in between then and now with Room Steals?"

9:00 "What kind of travel hacking were you doing?"

12:00 " You found an unused inventory of rooms?"

18:15 "So what kind of savings do people usually get?"

20:15 "Do you mostly get the savings on the higher end?"

21:45 "So how do you book a room?"

23:15 "I'm also very curious about the RV lifestyle and how you transferred into this"

25:00 "Any tips that you wanna share with the listeners about RV life?"

29:45 "Is there anything that we didn't talk about that you wanted to mention?"


Use the following Coupon code for 20% off your first annual fee