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Oct 19, 2016

In this episode I talk to Sue Bedford who is the author of Its Only the Himalayas: And Other Tales of Miscalculation from an Overconfident Backpacker. This is the book that I should have written or, more correctly, that I no longer have to write since this exists! In this interview, we talk about Sue's year-long adventure around the world. She talks about the less glamorous side of backpacking that all those Instagram photos don't show! She also mentioned a few other stories that have happened since she wrote the book, obviously the travel hasn't ended!

Filled with personal stories of triumph, sickness, sex and disappointment, this is the travel book which I think best represents the reality of long-term travel (granted, I don't read many travel books). Presented in a hilarious way that actually makes you laugh out loud, this is the book I will recommend to anyone thinking about making that first trips around the world.